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EITHER: How to make 'continuous heart pulse monitor'? OR: how to capture ECG from chest strap? Answered


What I am interested in is a ‘continuous heart pulse monitor’
so that I can plug that into (possibly) an arduino to drive a
EECP machine. EECP machines run around $30k. So I’ll have to
jigger up one myself.
Usually I program in HotBasic. I am now learning ‘C’ programming language, via
“Arduino in action” eBook, and sparkfun arduino Uno kit.
I could sure use some help, like:
Should I just buy a ‘chest strap heart rate monitor’, (Polar, or Motorola, or what)?
Are there any units out there that can plug directly into a usb?
Or do I need to get into wireless or bluetooth?
Is a chest strap monitor more accurate than a finger or ear monitor.
Should I be connecting to a laptop vs arduino?
As you can see I am just beginning.
Any help you can give me will surely be appreciated.
Thanks for your help...Vernon 



6 years ago

Thanks, I have made some headway too * HRM/HRMI so far: http://www.polar.fi/en/products/accessories/WearLink_transmitter http://www.sparkfun.com/products/8661 http://danjuliodesigns.com/sparkfun/hrmi.html http://bildr.org/2011/08/heartrate-arduino/ * Motorola Premium Heart Rate Monitor Garmin Heart Rate Monitor & Strap ...vmars