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EMP and Solar Flare Protection Answered

I uploaded the videos on Youtube:



Make sure to look at the description below the video for more information on forums and links. Tell me what you think.



Could you introduce yourself and explain what the video clips are?


Sorry about that. My name is Marc and I have been working an what I call the EMP and Solar Flare Attenuation system. It was built to attenuate the effects of an EMP and Solar Flare EM field. Say that I’m communicating with a welding factory for a system that needs to protect their 5000-watt circuit. They tell me that they need to keep it at 5000 watts plus or minus 20 watts. So that means anything over 5020 watts will be attenuated. So if a power of 5030 watts comes into the circuit, my system will kick in to knock off the extra 10 watts to bring it back down to the proposed 5020 watt limit instead of knocking off 5030 watts, creating a short blackout. It works like that because I want to introduce redundancy and reduce down time. No one is supposed to know that there was an overload because everything needs to continue working. Marc,

I was intially going to say "use tin-foil hats" but to the layman are you just talking about something along the lines of a voltage or line regulator? I don't know if I get hit with EMP and Solar flares to know if it has happened, maybe after someone sets off a nuclear bomb? I know sometimes radio or sat TV gets disrupted with solar flares but never seen if affect machinery. Interesting nonetheless.

You might consider editing the text of this forum topic, and including all of that description up front.

Hi Marc,

This when a solar-flare "spikes the grid" an potentially destroys your welders?


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"EMP and Solar Flare Protection"
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