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EMP shielding "SAFE" ? How to build or find? Answered

Is there any type of EMP shielding "SAFE" you can get to put your hard drives or memory sticks or other like items into? Like a money safe, but for electronics.?

Just wondering if there is a way to make one or something in the house already to use.  I have boys who run with magnets instead of scissors.


What about lead plating?

I don't see the point - how would you use these things?
Like t'other comment - the devices you mention are not vulnerable to magnets.


Not very. They're shielded. Bare platters, _maybe_.


From the top, maybe, throught the aluminium base casting ?


. HDDs are not very sensitive to magnetic fields. They are usually well shielded (the inside of a computer is very noisy) and there's already a very powerful magnet inside the case for head positioning. But then, an EMP is not your average magnetic field. ;)

Which brings us back to: If the problem is boys with magnets, EMP shielding would be massive overkill.

What the magnets used to be a danger to was CRT displays. An incautiously wielded magnet could warp the shadow mask and ruin that area of the screen. But LCD or LED monitors don't have that risk.

I need to change my handle.... XD "massive overkill" is my middle name! Thus my puerile question.

I was supposing that even if EMP is not "average", shielding for/from it would cover -well- everything in that spectrum of that kind of damage. =D

Gotta admit that I've been reading your userID as one of the many alternative spellings of the Yiddish word for buttocks...

. +1.
.  Real EMP shielding is massive overkill for anything with "home" or "DIY" in the name. If the data is that important, put it on optical discs, keep off-site backups, &c. ;)

Enclosed in the drive-units in a PC case, they're pretty safe I'd think.


in a pc, yeah, external drive ? not so much. You coming to Newcastle

That's this weekend? Hmm, I might be able.


Sorry for being vague previously, I meant when. But I'll go look it up.


If your boys are running around with magnets that don't take power and aren't powerful enough to pretend as though your fingers don't exist (OUCH), then your hard drives and flash drives are safe. However, if they're running around with homemade directional magnetron "guns", I would be a little worried.

Now if you're worried about an actual EMP blast, do some research on Faraday cages and cross your fingers.

Not if its also in an underground bunker encased in several feet of reinforced concrete...


7 years ago

you might want to look up what a faraday cage is