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EMP Answered

Is there anyway to create an EMP that could take down a whole building that is handheld?



The minimum fissionable material needed to
make a thermal nuclear device is 4 pounds. It will take down about half a city
and produce an EMP wave that will be felt miles beyond the initial blast zone. But
I would not be holding it in my hand when it went off.

Unless you happen to have some polymers bonded explosive lying around and it is a very small building, no.

I've never seen a handheld building except in a model train layouit...

In all modern countries the use of EMP devices other than in a controlled lab enviroment is an offence, usuable punishable by a long time in prison.

If it were legal you could buy them in a shop ;)

You should first look up what EMP is. From that, you should be able to figure out what such a thing affects. Has such a thing ever been produced and what is needed to do that? And there in, is clues, 1. Can an EMP take down a whole building or any object at all? and 2. Is it feasible that technology could be something small enough to be handheld?

... and how much trouble will you get into when you build or use it?

It seems like a good topic for Kipkay, I just noticed his recent comeback ible. Say no more, wink, wink.