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ERROR 401: Answered

I got an ERROR 401: edit object EF2H1E3H7KZ21UJ message whenever I go to click the publish button whenever I finish editing my current project after adding in extra key-words! Why is that? Please help, asap!!!


When you are editing, did you paste the text from another word program first? Sometimes our editor doesn't agree with imported text.

Huh? No I didn't use any word programs at all! I only use 64 bit Windows 7 Home Edition and Internet Explorer 8! And no I didn't copy and paste the text from any program, including word programs, which I don't even have!

Plus what I was doing that caused the error message was simply adding in keywords to my project that are related to the project (project keywords to help find it in the site's search engine)! I just don't for the life of me know why it would cause the error message to pop up when I go to click on the publish button!

You don't need to 'republish' your project to add keywords. On the project page (this is your only one: https://www.instructables.com/id/Gold-Warrior/) you should see a toolbar on the righthand side of the page that reads author option, under this there should be a space to add keywords. Just enter the words you like (phrases like "gold suit" need quotations around them) and press enter.

I tried doing that just now. And guess what? The system won't even let me type in anything onto the Keywords tab! Now what do I do if I want to add more keywords onto my 1st Instructables project? Could it be IE8 related or related to me using a 64-bit Windows 7 Home Edition PC?

This is most likely a browser issue. Make sure you have the latest version of JAVA installed for your browser, and ensure you have no script blocking add-ons (like add block) installed on your browser. Anything that prevents scripts from loading will prevent Instructables from loading and could have results like the author toolbar not working correctly.

Next, clear your browser cache, then log back in and try again.
I just tried on several of my projects and it works for me.

Where do we load JAVA at so I can see if I have the latest version? And also, how does one with 64 bit windows 7 go to see if they have any script blocking add-ons? I didn't even build and set up this computer myself! Someone else did it for me and they are a thousand miles away from me! :(