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ESP8266 WiFi Module Answered

You need a separate grouping for this module under Technology
This is a Microprocessor running at 80Mhz to 160 Mhz  with 512 kB to 4 Mb of program memory
It costs $3 and is programmed with various languages compiled to machine hex and uploaded by a variety of programs to run entirely on its own with a 3.3Volt power supply . It connects to your modem , acts as a modem , serves web pages and sends to web pages and a whole lot of other stuff I have not used yet

See here in the wiki for more detail   http://www.esp8266.com/wiki/doku.php



1 year ago


I have an ESP-13 shield that works with the arduino Uno. Both are part of the robot car kit I bought from Osoyoo.

The kit works OK. The wifi function works. I can see its network and can use its web-page to configure it, etc ...

But ...the standard simple Arduino wifi examples provided as part of the Arduino IDE will not run.

For example , when I try the scannetworks script, the serial monitor just shows ..."Wifi module not present "

How can I get the example scannetworks script to work with this ESP-13 + Arduino Uno kit ?

Many Thanks



1 year ago

Hello i am student and have one Projets with esp8266.
1) How can i programm directly the Flash Memory of my ESP8266 VERSION 1
2) with tools can i use or which debug
Thankyou for the answer


3 years ago

There is already a "microprocessor" channel.

New channels can be created, but they need to be justified by popularity - how many projects are you aware of that use this device? 1? 10? 100? 1000?