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ETSY pictures pulled from instructables. Answered

Has anyone else noticed their pictures being pulled off instructables and posted on ETSY?

I posted this in Jan of 2014.

I saw the following on ETSY today.


I don't really mind but I think it's interesting that they wouldn't build and take their own pictures.  


if you want to find other picture stealers you can use chrome's search for picture search if you right-click

I took your suggestion. The pictures are all over the web. I'm fine with it. I'll leave the battle for others.

Btw, it's funny that the shop owner profile says "she is proud to be a law enforcement wife."

I didn't report them but sent them both a message under the "ask a question".

Use the "report this item to Etsy" button on the listing. Reference your ible and the CC license it was published under. There are a lot of people trying to make a quick buck out there and probably have an inferior product to sell.

Thank you. I did as you suggested but got caught up on the second step - see picture. It sounds like Instructables could follow through but not the individual. Anyway, it's not a big deal since the plans are extremely simple and I don't ever plan to sell the item. I just thought it was lazy of the seller to take pictures from online.


Instructables does not hold the copyright to your pictures. You retain all rights. By publishing on Instructables you simply give permission for Instructables to use your content. You should be clicking the first box on that form.