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EVA thickness for solar cells? Answered

Does it matter what thickness I use to encapsulate my solar cells?  I have gone with a 0.23 mm sheet and the sales rep is trying to get me to buy the 0.4mm sheet which is more expensive saying that the lighting conditions will be better off than on the thinner eva. I don't really believe that the thicker sheet would allow the solar cell / panel to increase the power generation but i have no experience in this nor could i find a forum that discusses this topic. 

What have you guys found? does the eva thickness matter?




Best Answer 4 years ago

First determine the output with the 0.23mm sheet,

then repeat with a second sheet of 0.23mm sheet for a 0.46mm equivalent.

As a EE working with photospectrometers, I have never observed a doubling of light pass through material thickness increase the photonic jntensity.

The effect on the solar cell may be so infinitesimal that you might not be able to measure it but it certainly won't improve the solar cells performance unless it is shaped like a collector.

There are sheet plastics designed for just that purpose I have one for low vision to aid in my reading.

Ignorant sales speak as you rightly guessed, how adding more interference between the cell and the light source can improve performance is beyond me.