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today i had to take home the health baby. man it is so INOYING. i was just wondering if any one else had to take it home? (i was rocking the baby wall typeing this!!!!!!!)



Before that "technology" was available, they used chicken eggs LOL They definately were quieter, but probably more fragile.


I have pets that are a lot like that sometimes.... when they are ill.

I don't know, the pets are ok, since they are really alive.

yea that is a good point. i have to wake up in the middle of the night to shake a hunk of plastic... i have a bad life.

well, it does give you some understanding on what it is like to not be careful and end up with a Baby to actually care for *yep*

yea but more then anything it teaches me that doll + electronics = evil and no sleap

You just wait, some day they will come out with a Mother-in-law doll....then watch out ! LOL

It won't be so funny when you have to cart it around while it nags you all day LOL

yeah, you know the type: " My daughter could have done so much better then you, she could have married a Doctor !" etc. ;-)

If it was real I wouldd have been much more motivated to get up in the middle of the night and take care of it.

I just layed in bed one time it started crying. Another time I put a pillow over it's speaker.

yea i did that to. also once i just fell asleep and my mom came down and rocked it

Did you have to wear one of those bracelets?

They make these things as realistic as possible, it has all the needs of a real baby. At our school, the teacher randomly picks a baby to be the "crack baby" who just cries A LOT!

crack baby lol. yea but the funny thing is is i had to watch a video on the baby to learn how to use it. they said it was state of the art. it has two dyper and a bottle. one of the two dipers has the same magnet the bottle has so you can put the diper on its head and it will start to eat. LOL

Your teacher calls them crack babys too?!
Mine does, and she says if you are not good, you get it.

I had no idea what this topic was about. When I had one of these, my dad took care of it when I wasn't sleeping with it. He just carried it around for most of the weekend. It was odd. :P

The "cry of a ratfink" is normally something like: "I'm gonna Tell !" LOL

are you familiar with the king in the comic The Wizard of Id ? LOL

Oh, well the common cry in that comic is to call the King a fink LOL But a "ratFink" is a whole other, um, animal LOL

man I just got my grade back. it was a C!!!!! stupid baby!!!!

That's about what mine was...It might have been a D though.