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Eagle design question? Answered

Hey- im trying to design a single sided ,mostly smt board in EagleCAD, but I am having some trouble. I want to make the program to alooow bottom side jumpers, but have them always terminate on the top layer (so pretty much jumpers underneath the board). I have some pads or header pins pointing down, but the wires usually connect to those because pads are on both layers.. any way to fix this?  I really would not like to manually route every trace myself.. Thanks!



Best Answer 7 years ago

Don't have Eagle around here at the moment, but IIRC, there are options for the auto router where you can try to make bottom side traces 'expensive'. This way Eagle will avoid them to make the board 'cheap'.

Or block the way between 'jumpers' and headers with a GND polygon (any other signal will work too), let it auto route and remove your polygon. Just leave some space for vias that might be necessary.

Why worry ? When you send the job to the lab to be made, just tell them to omit the other layer and make it single sided.


its a home made board- i dont have enough cash to send it in.. :)
So I guess im asking exactly *how* to omit this layer, but still allow eagle to put virtual jumpers on it :)

Just pretend you're routing a double sided board, and ignore the other side. I don't use Eagle, but in my pro system, I can force the routing over one side, and when it can't route what's left, I'd leave it as-is - they're the jumpers.