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Eagle? Answered

Hello i have a small problem/question, i have a bunch of smd micro ships, and i wanted to know if it is possible to make an eagle schematic. If not, can you tell me what program i can use? thanks!


I had to oogle this to see what you were referring to. Not a bird but this ible.

I like to oogle things that i don't understand

i've seen that instructable before, those component's are thru-hole (on eagle,)
my components have to be soldered top the surface on a printed circuit board

Yes, Eaglecad will do SMD components (indeed, almost all commercial designs are SMD.)

Here's a a simple tutorial pdf from umass...

Can you lay out most of the design and then modify it manually with an old fashioned stencil template? I don't know if you can use sockets for your chips to make life easier. Enlarge the pad size of the hole on your "positive" mask before you etch the board. Good luck.

NOTE: IF you are only using eagle to create a schematic DO NOT USE IT Use ExpressSCH instead (you'll have to google expresspcb, but it comes with it), it goes much much faster for making simple schematics. IF you are going to be making a board from it then use eagle