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Earning money online through Google Ad Sense Answered

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I'm going to buy this game (it's actually quite cheap, $10 only, but you need another game to run it, which costs $20) and I don't want to ask for a reasonably large sum of money (well, I'm 13, can't spend $30 of hard-earned cash in one place) for 2 games. Since time isn't the issue here, and I can't go around cleaning up other peoples' lawns (due to the fact that there are no lawns) or do their chores, I'd rather do it online. I've decided to use Google Ad Sense since no other way is really appealing to me (not in hurry here, I can wait a year) and it's a passive form of generating money online, instead of dedicated work of which I don't have the time for.

Just to get things straight, when I said "time isn't the issue here" I meant actual time in weeks, months etc, and when I said "I don't have the time for" I mean it's going to go in between me and my High School responsibilities.

Okay, back to topic, so Ad Sense is a passive form of generating money online, which means setup-and-forget, although Google does let you look at your earnings. I read it up on their site, and there are 2 types of ads you can use, namely CPC (Cost-Per-Click) and CPM (Cost-Per-Thousand-Impression). Cost per click means $ will be generated if the website viewer clicks on it; Cost per thousand impression means $ will be generated if the people even view the site. Now I can't decide which one to use, since CPC ads are the better if the website doesn't receive a lot of views, but the ads are attractive enough to click on. CPM ads should be used when the website receives a lot of views but the ads aren't really that persuasive. (Side note, the ads displayed depends on the info you give to Google about your site, ie. site topic, location you're based in etc.)

I might have lost you in there, plainly, the question is which should I use? Of course, that all depends on the topic to use (which is my own problem to solve, but feel free to drop in).

For those too lazy to read everything else I've written:
1) Who has used Google Ad Sense?
2) If so, how much, on average, do you earn (please do tell if it's CPC or a CPM ad)? (Also include scale and popularity of your website)
3) How do you get paid from Google Ad Sense? (can't find it on the FAQ)


Unless you have a website which draws HUGE amounts of traffic, don't expect any online advertising service to pay you any significant amount.

The odds of your producing a web site/service which draws enough interest to produce more than pennies is somewhere between a slim chance and a fat one. Unless you are remarkably skilled, have an unusually good idea, AND spend many more hours working on it than you would doing chores to earn the cash.

Sorry, kid. There is no magic money machine. If you want money, you're going to have to earn it.

Like I said, I can wait. I think I'll just do the "work for it" part next summer since this summer's drawing to a close. For Google Ad Sense, it just takes time and it's not that big of a deal. Besides, all I have to do is to go to YouTube and spread the link (also amongst my friends) viral style (kinda like Bob, "copy paste and he will soon take over the forums"). But yeah, like you said, work needs to be done, one way or the other.

Getting your friends to visit once may not be hard.

Getting them to visit repeatedly? Getting others to visit? That takes unusually good content, updated on a regular basis.

Good luck, but I think you're going to be disappointed.

Well, counting the hundreds of thousands of views on Call of Duty videos in YouTube I should be able to make an embedded collection of YouTube videos and attract Call of Duty fans. Among that are Garry's Mod videos, which also has a huge number of views every day. Among those are several other topics that should have at least 1 topic that's interesting to one of the many types of people. So we have socialites (I think I'm gonna have my sister give me ideas on that since I am not a socialite myself), gamers, all-round people, bookworms, and the academic types that go off the books. I already have a good plan with good content, but you did mention "updated on a regular basis" so yeah that would be a problem. Which brings me to conclude at least some part of the site has to be user-generated content, and that I have to know the web host I'm dealing with inside-out to enable smooth changes and such. I am thinking SVN on this, but as far as I'm concerned, I don't even know what a repository is (but I will!). That brings me to making a wiki instead, with restricted access to some parts of course. Okay, I think your doubts would have to call for a forum, since I'm brainstorming other things off-topic while typing which brings me completely off-topic. Just please answer the question, I'm just trying to find out how much I could expect to get, assuming I manage and construct my site well (I did put IRC chat in my website, and managed to create the website from scratch, and provides 15 seconds of entertainment).

"Me too" really doesn't produce more than trivial numbers of views.

As to how much you could get: Contact the services that you're thinking about licensing to advertise and ask them what their rates are. You should do this before deciding who you will sign with anyway. How much someone else is getting doesn't tell you anything; the question is how much they'll pay you per eyeball, and how many eyeballs you _REALISTICALLY_ think you can draw per day.

Let's just see what will happen. Well, I can't do anything better. 80% Approximate that I'll overshoot my view estimates, but I can at least get myself 20 or so views per day if I do this right (if I do it wrong, then it'll be alongside the list of failed sites that will remain dormant, forever). Also the site host I'll be using is completely free (obviously with limitations since I'm using a free hosting site) but yeah I'll still check with the advertising people (lesson learned from Instructables which used to have this company advertise here thru ads which... plainly just fails at its objectives and ends up getting the user's money). How much someone is getting will tell me something if they include site content so I know what sort of stuff people want (generally). Just to clarify, this might be for video games, but it's more of a booster, among other online money sources (that are larger).

It depends - My son built a fan site and gets perhaps $500 a month from Google ads from it - However it is one of the most popular sites of it's kind, takes a lot of work to upkeep and has been running over 19 years to get to that status.