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Earth Hour 2008 Answered

Check this out! Do you want to help stop climate change? Well join the millions who do by, at 8:00 pm turn off all your lights for 1 hour! Join the millions to help make the world a better place!

Please send this to your friends! So everybody can join in on Earth Hour 2008.


I think this whole earth hour thing is a bunch of hogwash.

From the whole experience, I learned, going without lights and TV and sound for a whole hour is boring as hell (if hell were a waiting room). Especially when you can't find any lighters/matches for candles. But I made it!

I missed it coming, so got completely caught out by Google's darkened website.

Same here. Completely caught off guard. I thought someone had screwed with my settings.

it isn't 8 here yet...or did they mean 8 GMT?

So, should we do it @ 8:00 our time?

I'm gonna try and do it tonight, if I remember. I don't know if I'll be ok without instructables for that long, though.