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Easiest and Cheapest way to paint a latex mask? Answered

Hey every one. With Halloween coming I’m preparing to make my Two Face costume. Because I don’t want to paint half of my face I’m using half of an (modified) store bought latex mask. My last step should be the most difficult, painting it. The half of a mask will be doing a lot of moving so I need a flexible paint. I’m only an amateur, but have read some about painting latex. Most methods I’ve seen require mixing different substances. I’d like to get away from that if any was possible, I’d like to make this as easy as I can. The other thing is that it has to be very cheap. I’ve already spent too much money on this costume, and would like to not spend too much more. If anyone knows a type of paint that is flexible and cheap please tell me, because I really need one.
Thanks every one. Hope to hear from you soon.


I painted a laytex mask last year by mixing acrylic with rubber cement glue. It makes it flexible but it does add a wierd texture that resembles human skin. I guess that would work fine for you though. I think I used a 1:1 ratio but I don't remember for sure.


6 years ago

Just use some acrylic paint. It will work just fine on latex.

Okay, I just worry about it not being flexible enough. Also I was at the craft store today. Would spray fabric paint stick to latex? It's flexible right? Would that work?