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Easiest and cheapest way to convert 12V down to 5V and keep it that way? Answered

I need the easiest and cheapest way to get 12V down to 5V
- Sir Evil Chicken


how much amps you need? 7805 is simple and cheap but heats up and less efficient than buck converters. those switching mode usb chargers for cars are also cheap up to 3A.

use IC 7805 , because its output voltage is +5v dc . you can supply any voltage ( not more than 18v or less than 8v ) in input , the output voltage will be always regulated +5v .


On the street, assuming you live somewhere that has streets, you can find a gizmo called a "USB car charger adapter". This gizmo is a DC-to-DC converter which will take input power from a car's cigarette lighter socket at around 12 volts DC, and output a regulated 5 volts DC, at a maximum output current of, I dunno, probably a few tenths of an ampere.

The cheapest one I ever found, in my home town, in the Former US, was at the local DollarTree(r) at a price of exactly one USD per. Next comes the link, since you probably want to see some pictures of this modern marvel, erm, here:


From the tags, I am guessing you need this power converter for CHARGING yer LAZOR!!!

I hate dollar tree and the pound shop - they never price anything!

LM7805 voltage regulator will give you that at 1 Amp and should only cost a couple bucks.

At what sort of current? there are plenty of 5 volt regulators around.