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Easiest way to reattach small wire between 2 AA rechargeable battery terminals? Answered

This is on a path light that uses 2 AA 1.2v NiCd rechargeable batteries. It's a small black wire(ground?) that ran from terminal to terminal. Hoping there's a cheaper way besides soldering, as I'd have to purchase all materials for a one time use. If soldering is my only option, I do own a little 503 pen torch but would need instruction on torch soldering along w/ materials needed. Appreciate your time and knowledge, thank you. 



Best Answer 3 years ago

If it isn't around any other parts you should be able to just use some Blu-tac or Sugru, I wouldn't solder it if you don't know anything about soldering, if it is a good light I would not practice on it.That is my opinion anyways, hope you get some other answers!

Really appreciate the advise and the turn on to Sugru. Seems like us "folk" in Kansas are always the last ones informed. Better late than never I guess. Plenty of room under the plate where the terminals are wired so this outta work just fine. Probably try out a piece of chewing gum(for the hell of it) while waiting on the Sugru to arrive. Thanks again JM1999... "Cheers"!

Thanks for marking my answer as the best, chewing gum should work just fine.

To be totally honest I have never seen Sugru with my own eyes, it was only that I saw it in an Instructable that I knew about it!

Hope it works!

When I needed to replace a broken contact spring in a laser pointer, all I did was wedge in a balled-up piece of aluminium foil, worked a treat.

You could replace your wire with a twist of foil, wrapped over in your choice of adhesive tape.

Thanks for the advice Kiteman. If the Sugru and original wire doesn't work I'll definitely give the foil a shot. (if it was up to me... I'd just buy a new set of lights but the Mrs. spent a good deal of time getting the other 3 up and working again) Have a good one...