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Easy Interactive Mirror? Answered

Okay I had an idea to make an interactive mirror with some mirror grade acrylic and an old android phone. Simple enough I could just mount the phone behind the mirror to display the weather for ex. But wouldn't it be cooler to be able to use the capasative screen? So that is my question, how can i have the android phone recognize my touch? Maybe use a different material besides acrylic? Any suggestions? Thanks.


That's definitely a step in the direction I'm headed. I would like to make a mirror with capacative touch so the information the user wants can be retrieved. I'm not too crazy about using gestures with a connect. I like the idea of using a sensor to turn on the display. I primarily would think the weather, headlines, but also browsing ( for the girlfriend ) so that someone can wear something and compare it to say nine west or wherever women shop from!

Also was think maybe using an android phone and mirroring the screen to an lcd behind the mirror? Maybe using bluestacks to run android apps on a windows pc would be better.