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Easy way to strip paint off plastic containers? Answered

I am trying to take paint (printing) off of a plastic container -- the body is a 5 and the lid is a 2. I can do it by hand using sand paper but it is taking a really long time. (And I have 18 containers to strip.) Any suggestions for something that would strip this and not be too crazy with fumes, bad for environment, yadda yadda yadda? Thanks for the help!


Spray Lysol has a nasty habit of wiping the paint off of everything I try to clean with it. Spray it on a paper towel (away from explosive gas detectors) until the towel is wet, and then wipe the container. Odds are, it'll remove a lot of the paint. Just an idea for next time if you don't have nail polish remover around. Magic Erasers could take the Rhino Liner out of a truck given enough time...

I laughed so hard at the last line of you comment "Magic Erasers could take the Rhino Liner out of a truck given enough time." That is absolutely true. Those things can remove just about anything. ^.^

Thanks so much! I will try that too as I have 17 containers to do and only so much nail polish! Wow. I'm amazed at how much the instructables people know...

No problem. It's just a question of thinking about what else something could be used for. Often an unwanted side effect in one instance is just what the doctor ordered in another.

"2" is high density polyethylene, and "5" is polypropylene. Both are resistant to most common solvents. If you're bothered about fumes, I would try baby wipes or make-up removal wipes first - they contain a cocktail of mild solvents that will shift permanent markers. After that, try traditional aftershave, methanol / denatured alcohol, paraffin or white spirit. Acetone (cheap nail-varnish remover) also shifts most inks, but can soften some plastics, so use it sparingly.

Kiteman! Thanks! I will try all of those and let you know! I appreciate the help big time. :o)

Kiteman! You rule! A little bit of nail polish remover and a Magic Eraser took the printing off lickety split! Thanks again!

Like I said; any time. Are you working on an Instructable?

Tool Using Animal... I do have access to a compressor -- I will try this if Kiteman has not solve my problem. Thanks a ton! :o)