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Easy/Cheap Heating Element? Answered

Is there any way I could make a DIY heating element? Or, if not, is there anywhere I get get one on the cheap?


Heating elements cam be made out of nichrome wire and powered by a transformer or battery.

You can use a toaster element.

How much heat do you need?  Your question is kind of vague

Hi everybody!
I landed in this question from researching on how to make a heating element for 3D printing and really getting no were.

I would ask your kindness to suggest me on how much power and how could it be produced to generate about 70ºC (for candle wax) and 210ºC (for ABS plastic).
For the later I've though about using a cheap glue gun heating element, but... not sure about it (I don't want to vaporise plastics nor burn the house down, lol!)
For the candle wax I've been experimenting with 5V@1A and 10ohm resistors but... it isn't efficient as it takes long time to liquefy the wax (although I'd prefer it less liquid, more pasty).

Thank you all in advance for your suggestions.

How much heat? I need like, enough to heat maybe 100 ml of water to a warm level, or heat small samples of chemicals, just small things though.

Oh and also, how much power does a very small piece of a toaster element use? Like, could it be supplied by a lantern battery or do I need something bigger? Or even one of those 9v wallworts, or a 5v usb charger, and etcedra.

I'm not sure what you're doing exactly, but would it be possible to put the liquids in test tubes (or an appropriately sized glass container), place the tubes in a wire container for suspension, and heat them in water using a pot on a stove (double boiler style)? There are also heating pads which are pretty inexpensive but can definitely get toasty.