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Ebay - what the hell! Answered

I was on ebay. I searched air guitar to see what would happen. To my surprise, I found an air guitar!What have you found on ebay that is hilarious?


A couple years back someone from Australia attempted to sell the country of New Zealand on eBay. The opening bid was $0.01 and reached a bid of $3000 before it was taken down due to violation of their policy (of course).

I found a pack of "blank fortunes" out of fortune cookies.

I once found somebody selling a CD of instructions ripped off this site.

It's amazing how quick a response you get when you get all heavy about international copyright infringement legislation.

I don't even know if such legislation exists, but the item disappeared in less than five minutes.

really? do you know what the instructable was for?

If they start asking for money to view stuff here expect to see some more... L

True - I've heard of ripping the site off, but pirating, that's a whole new level.

If people have to hand over cash for content, it will happen - same as films, music, TV... (someone is probably still downloading pdfs in anticipation) L

I also found a bag of air a while ago... but nevermind

Do you think it possible to sell bagged-smoke? If you're not actually smoking someone might buy the idea at least...? (for places where smoking is not allowed)