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Eco-freindly contest should only contain eco-freindly instructables Answered

I noticed that in the new discover green science fair for a better planet contest, that there are unrelated instructables being posted. I've found that for a lot of contests unrelated instructables are posted so that more people will see the instructable. I know that everyone wants lots of people to find their instructable, including me, but posting unrelated instructables in contests that have nothing to do with what the instructable being posted is can be mis-leading and annoying. I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but if you do please post on this forum topic.


As for any contest, the management simply disregard or remove any entries that don't belong. An irrelevant entrant will not win.

For the latest green contest, the filter is double-layered, because it is a judged contest, not based on views or votes.

But the first 10 entries receive a T-shirt. So far, there has been 16 entries, and technically, the contest isn't even open!

It says First 10 Good-Quality Entries.

Although there may be 16 entries, there are not yet (IMO) ten Good-Quality Entries, although there is plenty of enthusiasm.

*sigh of relief * Thats good! I hate seeing misplaced entries win

Ah, they changed it since I've seen it last.

I know, I just find it to be annoying to find many unrelated instructables in all the different contests.

I hate that. People post stuff just to get prizes (look at the tool tips contest)

Er, isn't that the point of entering a contest?

Yes, but putting a remote trigger for a camera in the tool tips and winning? It just doesn't seem right.

It's a pretty useful tool for a photographer, a little bit off tool tips main topic but so were a couple of mine like sellotape where sellotape's due and I even did one on photography tricks. Know what I mean? It's quite a wide one, if it were put up as a tools department tips, like think of the tools you find in a tools dept. then yeah I'd be agreeing.

yeah, I guess so. I understand the tape, but not the photography Whatever

I suppose it depends, a camera's a pretty good tool, especially for instructables so I made one on using compact cameras well not just big SLR's...

Eh when it comes to tool tips I can show you how to use a drill as a hammer and repair most pneumatic stuff with nothing much, it's just times are a changing and le digital are is upon us, honestly I would agree that tool tips should be about 'proper' tools but hey depends whats going on in the world does'nt it?

That's fine. As KJL says, that's a tool for a photographer. I know my brother in law, when he used to do kiddie portraits as part of his job, used to use his remote trigger all the time so that the kids didn't associate the whole event with the camera, and were more relaxed.

That, I'd allow in a contest, it is after all, a tool... However, I wouldn't want things like "How to make salad" in there, unless they had a good reason ;P Remember, there's humans behind the scenes who know what they're doing ;-)