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Edible Googly Eyes from Evil Mad Scientist Answered

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories has a great project showing how to make One Hundred Percent EDIBLE Googly Eyes! Googly eyes definitely make anything better by allowing you to heavily personify it. I fondly remember putting a pair on the dishwasher, and suddenly our whole lexicon changed from "don't overload the dishwasher" to "be nice to dishwasher, it's had a hard day."

I'm looking forward to making these and putting them on a piece of roast bison or a big salmon fillet!

"Please, please don't eat me!"


Pastafarian! SMF!

I was browsing EMS last night, without seeing this thread. I've realised that I have all the parts to make their toothbrush robot.

Yet another thing to add to my to-do list...


10 years ago

I gotta admit that I also follow EMSL and found the edible googly eyes particularly ... compelling ... for some reason.

Lol the flying spagetti monster XD


10 years ago

One of the things that inspired this was Canida's mango-- with the note not to eat the googly eyes.

I was just thinking that! Even creepier: Tuesday I was just thinking of that instructable for some reason... and I remembered the cutely unedible eyes... Then Wed. came!

Looks notso tasty.