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'Editing" embossed T-shirts? Answered

I temp at conventions and get T shirts with stuff & logos on them.
They're not silk screened, just a high quality surface that feels like latex.
I would like to remove parts.

How do I, selectively, remove the printed stuff?



Going to be difficult - heat degrades the rubber, bleach may also.

You could try an iron... Place a sheet of paper (larger than the logo) on an ironing board, then place t-shirt onto sheet of paper. Iron the t-shirt from the back (at the hottest setting the t-shirt will allow) until the logo begins to heat up and hopefully comes off the t-shirt and sticks to the paper.


6 years ago

If there are only small-ish logos, you could cover them up by sewing on your favorite (intstructables robot) patch

Wear them inside-out instead.