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Editor is duplicating / eating my steps Answered

When I went to update my published instructible, the editor ate over my steps! How can I fix it? (Every time i try to re-edit, but then it eats over other steps.)


I have the same problem. The new editor eats the steps, or duplicates them. The old editor seems to work fine.

I have the same problem with the new editor too, it duplicates every steps I wanted to edit! So I am not alone with this problem.


10 years ago

have you the new/old editor, you can change it by a link at the top right of the i'Ble edit box.... -also, which browser are you using?

Firefox After trying for a few hours last night, with both the new and old editor, it seemed like whenever I would access a step to edit, the editor was not correctly querying the database for the contents of the step. The contents of the intro would always fill in the title/description area. It was made worse when I tried it with the new editor, since it automatically would save every time I switched which step I was viewing, and so it was duplicating the intro into each of my steps! (Oh the frustration.) And no undo to be found. Late last night, I eventually got the old editor working, and pulled up Google's cache of my Instructible and copy/pasted each step's description back into place. But, I couldn't figure out why it kept plastering the original step over/into my later steps when trying to edit.