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Eeepc upgrade question. Answered

I am interested in buying an EeePC with a 7" screen. However, the flash memory is only 4 or 8Gb depending on the model. Is it possible to upgrade the memory by simply unplugging something and plugging something else in? That is, a non-soldering, reversible upgrade?


By brand.
I bought an Hp Mini, and it has a usb slot hidden away that you can't use.
After some research, I found out it is for  HPs own flash drives.
I am also looking at buying a new 6 or 9 cell battery.
Where to buy one cheap?

Flash memory? Do you mean Hard disk(or SSD) or RAM? If it is internal flash memory, it could perhaps be a module that could be replaced, I am not sure.

Well the SSD drive can be replaced, and the ram can be replaced too, About the internal flash memory, i'm not too sure about that... Take out the SSD drive(or normal drive), and buy one of the same type, but larger capacity, and for the ram, just buy the same type, Say, if it is DDR2 RAM, just buy larger capacity Ram sticks.

I don't know which one, but there is one that will run mac!

My friend currently has a 900 series Eee, and has owned a 700 series before that. I know he's taken a look inside the 900, but not so sure about the 700... I'm sure installing a new HDD or SSD will be as easy as unscrewing a plastic door and popping out the current SSD; HOWEVER, your biggest issue here will be compatibility. If you're lucky, your Eee uses a 2.5" form factor SSD, 2.5" being the standard for laptop drives. Some netbooks use 1.8" hard drives which are fairly more expensive and hard to find. It may also use a mini-PCI card or something... If you let me know your exact model, I could probably make a recommendation for you on what part to get/how easy it'll be to replace the part. Also, how much storage space does your current model have, and how much do you think you'll need?

Your best bet would be to go to the http://forum.eeeuser.com/. There's a dedicated community of people who've been modding eeepc's since they came out, and they can give you detailed instructions on exactly how to change out the SSD or memory. I personally love mine and take it with me everywhere. :) Be prepared for a lot of comments on your tiny computer! :D

Yes, take it half apart, replace SSD.

I'm thrilled to hear that you are interested in a eee pc as I use one daily! (901) You can upgrade the SSD and ram very easily as there's a hatch on the bottom, two screws and your in. A further two screws and the SSD pops up and it can be taken out. The SSD in mini pci, The 32GB runcore is the best for the price, However I would simply recommend you get the 8GB (702?) and add a 16 or 32GB SD card as I have. Very easy and it lives in my Eee until I take it out for a second for my camera card If you can justify the extra cost for the 901 over the 700 series it's worth it, Bigger battery, bluetooth, Bigger screen, 1.3 MP webcam and the nice big multitouch touchpad. I will be upgrading my SSD soon though as I plan to install OS X.