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Eek! Answered

Moving the furniture? What kind of excuse is that? I had to go a full 20 minutes without access to the site. I started twitching!


Twitching? If you were me, you would know that twitching is nothing new. You did read my new forum topic so you know what I mean.

LOL!!! At first I had no idea why people were talking about wallets. Now I get it.

That's it!

It happened to me about half an hour ago!

(Counts on fingers)

How inconsiderate to do the housework in the middle of the night - think of the neighbours!

it happened to me too

furniture what did you expect XD.jpg

the system clock is wrong

furniture what did you expect XD.jpg

The system clock is in California...

no,i mean the system clock on the image,MY system clock!

Same here!

How inconsiderate to do the housework in the middle of the night - think of the neighbours!

-I can't sleep.
~How come?
-It's those Instructablers next door, they're doing something.
~Again? It's 2:45AM!
-I know!
~I ought'a go over there and give those no good troublemakers a piece of my mind.

Your keywords! ROFLOL!


I tried to visit the site, and it was closed down - apparently they were busy moving the furniture.

I should have taken a screenshot...

Dang, I wanted to see that. You so should've screen shotted.



He did, didn't he? He said shotted.

You should have took a screen shot.

He's Kiteman, right? He's Kiteman. Langford.

How do you know they were moving furniture? Did I miss something?

That's what the screen said - the site was down because they were busy moving the furniture, why not make a paper wallet while you're waiting?

It wasn't 503, it was deliberate. They did it to me on purpose.

yeah ive had that twice before - i think they just pop it up when things are being moved, or there updateing etc

Dang well about time in my book, considering the number of times you've broken this site...

I got that message on the day the HQ moved. Odd that you got it now.
Just stay where you are, the guys in white suits will be there soon. Relaaaax, everything will be alright.

I'm going insane too, my Instructable is taking a long time to show up. It's been five hours!
The men in white are here to help you now. Relaaaax, everything is going to be OK...

I had it yesterday,no coincidence,just plain unluck

That explains why I couldn't acces the site. Still, I want to see whatever it is you're talking about. Does it involve puppies? Puppies are cute. And they poop.

There's probably and address for the page... There are several ways to show an error one...

ah i see, well, im glad you made it through - was kitewife there to hold your hand? I think (looking at goodharts comment also) we should set up an 'instructables interuption - post trauma' help group?

lol I shouldn't of eaten breakfast and kept refreshing

And how were your wallets? I have a glue-up of aluminum foil and a printout between wax paper (used a rolling pin for flatness) drying up right now. Made two others, regular paper. But the dang pdf came out with margins, after scrap a dollar barely fits, printed out one without shrinking to fit, and it didn't print where the margins were! Had to guess / freehand the side notches. Of course with the wonderful storm blowing and the sky full of flashes and the rumbling, having to be without the site for a time was a bit easier to take. Not bad timing actually...

Really? Then you missed out on some good old fashioned fun! Used wood glue, dries water-resistant, had dull side out. Put it in the electric oven with just the light on, that warms it up enough for good drying and bread rising. Folded up stiff, seems pretty durable. Well compared to the 20# recycled printer paper at least. Looks pretty good and... shiny. Maybe I should get some fabric glue for next time. Worked for aluminum foil, seems it could work for fabric. Hey, maybe I could use dryer lint! The stuff rolls off the trap as practically felt (got many cats, one dog, much hair). Press between boards for maximum impregnation, it'll get stiff but I can work with it. Hey, there's got to be a good use for lint somewhere!

That good? Really? Dang, Now I've got to wait for another furniture-shift to get the files...

Psst, that text box top of this page, just type in "paper wallet" and hit Enter, you'll find them right off. Oh, and edit out the double-quotes before hitting Enter, that could be important.

Yes, I know, but the files on the "furniture" page were all zipped and convenient to download...

...all zipped and convenient to download...
...like the exact same files found in the very first 'ible that Search finds, all zipped and convenient to download?


It hasn't yet, I've been busy doing other stuff (like filling waterbombs for the boys).

Only takes five minutes. Just take the printout(s) and scissors with you when you next sit down for some quality time. And make sure you use the right paper for both events.

At least I got a paper wallet out of the whole ordeal...

I had experienced that problem quite a few times (I think 5 or 6 times, I don't know)! Anyway, I will take a screen shot when I see it again...

Hehe! I saw that! (There I was, chatting with Bilal a.k.a. Lamedust at 1 in the morning. His shiny mac was illuminating the back of the New Squid, and we were trying to find his laser cutter instructable....) By the way - the new office is BUMPIN!

And here I was, thinking that the "eek" was referring to the "sugardaddie.com" ad I've gotten twice. Fear not, instructa-peoples! You two can join an online dating service for the classy and affluent!