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Effective Way to Wake You Up Answered

Getting up in the morning is not the easiest thing to do--but with the proper motivation, we all might be a little more inclined to hop out of bed. This alarm clock provides that: if you don't wake up, it will randomly dial someone from your cell phone's address book. An early morning call to your family, friends, or random person whose number you've got stored in there will guarantee that you have some awkward explaining to do.

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I like this. My alarm is effective enough though. My computer plays a music file at X time and I have to get up and traverse the terrors of my bedroom floor before I can stop the music. Tripping over half buried cables is a very effective way to wake up.

I run linux, I wrote a shell script that waited for X number of seconds then opened a file. I know it's crude but it works.

Good idea, thankfully I have Linux too. How to you tell a program to wait?

Good man It's really simple. I used:

sleep 28800
amarok '<path to music file>'

Where 2800 is the number of seconds to wait, and "amarok" is the command executed.

You use KDE! Nice choice, Gnome sucks.

=P That I do. I agree with you on GNOME as well
Does this work for you?

I havent tried it yet, the drink a glass of water before bed works fine for me. I've just always wondered how to tell it to wait. So, would you just copy that into Kwrite then save as .sh? Last time (different program, just expirementing) I clicked it and nothing happened.

Yea, save it as .sh then run it in the terminal or whatever. You will need to make sure that the terminal is still open though >..< It's only a basic script.

Oh, that's why my other scripts don't work...I always close terminal.

Well there's your problem. Because they run in the terminal it has to stay open. You can always open up a second terminal ;)

I could see this thing completely ruining somebody's life if, say, they left it on for a week over vacation.

The whole random call is kind of a cool thing being that yeah you would explain to the person whats going on and it would get you up (some what) but these people would start to get the calls over and over as time went on and eventually want to come to your house and smash your clock ha ha!

I could care less about your opinion, Thank you very much MASON !

that really is my real name i use it for everything (youtube gmail runescape etc.)

I have the problem of getting up, turning off the alarm, and going back to bed.

Yah. Me too. I got REALLY good at it in college. I put the alarm clock on the far side of the room, and I could get out of bed, hit the snooze button, and go back to sleep. Every ten minutes. For HOURS. Now if only I could fall asleep at NIGHT, when I'm supposed to!

That's what I figure...if I were to get to bed around 10:00, I would have a good 8.5 hours of sleep...and i'd probably wake up better.

Depends on what you get adjusted to. Between work and caring for the old folks I got used to being recharged on about five to six, and learned if I naturally got up before the alarm I should stay up period because if I tried to get the rest then I may be down for awhile. For anything more than 5 to 6, 8 was good, 8 was so good that 10 felt better, long as I was down for 10 might as well get in 12... Thus a "catch-up" chronological day would get lost on weekends. Once I got used to short, anything more triggered a "sleep in day" reflex.

If I went to bed at 10:00, I'd lie awake for hours and hours, possibly not ever falling asleep at all (after all, "lying awake" isn't active enough to get you much sleepier.) Sigh.

I seem to need about 8 hours of sleep, after which I'm pretty much alert for 20 hours. I've even lived on that sort of schedule, which you can do if you've got the right sort of job and are ... VERY single. It's pretty sucky with a wife, and kids that have to be at school early in the morning and such.

My mom would love that...I'm known to go to bed anywhere from 3-4 and to wake up as late as 2:30

Yep, that's totally me! One time I got up to do that every nine minutes (I don't know why not ten...) for five hours...

I've found one of the best ways is having something worth getting out of bed for. Have you ever had the experience of bounding out of bed full of energy at some ungodly hour because you are going on an exciting trip somewhere? (The one I remember is 3:30am, to go to a theme park)

I believe a lot of modern computers can be set to wake themselves up at a certain time... tell your computer to log in automatically, start your browser, load your favourite blogs/webcomics/Instructables :D.

If all you have to wake up for is getting up and going to school/work/drudgery in the fields/going down t'pit, of course you're going to want to stay in bed. Do the above, invest in a warm snuggly dressing gown, maybe add a teasmade, coffee machine or fridge full of caffeinated beverages into the equation- all you have to do is make being out of bed a more attractive proposition than being in bed.

It can be an issue for me though, if I'm damn comfy in there I'm likely to bring my prize back, plus I can poke the power up on my computer or throw something, then use my phone to control it...

I have found one odd characteristic, which is If I go out and drink a lot for any one of many reasons I tend to wake up at 9:06Am snapping straight up to standing and going to do something random...

Note: GF's aren't helpful at getting you out of bed if they're in it already and if they're not then you tend to drag them in (to combat this I'm going to get me a nice eastern bloc woman, that way when I wake up I'll jump out and I sure as hell wont be able to drag her anywhere Idea: get a rickshaw for her to pull

The eastern bloc jokes don't work any more, do they?

If it's a reference to something from the chatroom, a) I've forgotten about it b) you might want to keep it off the rest of the site because jokes about eastern bloc women and rickshaws could presumably be misinterpreted

Nah was a general UK from times of old... Good point... However the jokes no longer apply...

I like the alarm clock that runs away from you so you have troubles turning it off and falling back to sleep LOL


THAT'S AWESOME! That's exactly what I need! I just might buy that!

I remember when I had this problem years ago, I would take the alarm clock and put it across the room (my room was pitch black dark), Under or behind a book, and when the alarm went off, it took me just long enough to find it, to wake me fully. :-)

Yeah, but that wouldn't work for me, I could look for an hour and still go right back to sleep, Lol.

I'm the same way...I can get right back to bed and fall asleep, no matter what I have to do to get the alarm to stop. Sometimes it doesn't even wake me for a while...It's just part of my dream.

Same here! Then I have to switch to another alarm clock until I get used to that one. Then I have to switch back.

So that makes Weissensteinburg, westfw and me all having the same problem. Well, here's what I did. Get 150W+ halogen worklight, the ones that sit on the ground, sell for $8-something at Wal-Mart. Get digital programmable timer, those things that plug into the wall for lights etc. Then you need some sort of metal stand at least as high as your bed. Set worklight on stand, place within 3 feet of face shining straight on face. Set timer for wake-up time (digital was specified for more accurate timing). It is a nice natural process to be gotten awake by the bright light of the rising sun. It is also natural to be gotten awake, though not as nice, by so much heat on part of your face you're certain there's a fire. I'd set it for about 10-20 minutes before the "real" alarm went off, enough time to notify your body it should get up soon and to pull out of that really deep sleep you'll never really wake up from all day when suddenly gotten up. It sure feels a lot more refreshing than getting jerked awake by an alarm clock. This worked even when I had rolled away from the light, due to the warmth and the bright light shining off the wall my bed was against. For your particular application you may need a light for both sides of the bed or a mirror. I never had any ignition problems, if I wasn't there and it went on all it'd do is warm the bed (usually set to shut off an hour or so after going on). If for your particular combination of light wattage, fabrics, and hair products you find this is not the case, move the light back a bit. If somehow you get used to the light and sleep thru it, recycle the timer. Use it to turn on the low-speed geared motor that will slowly pull out the pin that holds in place the hinged shelf above the bed thus allowing the 10-20 pounds of assorted wood chunks to fall on your lower torso and legs (avoiding the face and head). No sympathy for guys sleeping on their backs who have enough wood, you should've learned to listen for that motor.

hmmmm sounds like an instructable...

You want me to include the "enough wood" photo? ;->

If you're so dazed when you get up you'll get anywhere near a halogen worklight, avoid camping as you may wander into a similarly hot-feeling campfire.

My fav one is the one that shoots sharp darts at you!!

It's all fun and games till someone gets shot in the eye at 5:30am in the morning. ;0

It's still fun and games as long as it's not me!

You should not be waking up at 5:30AM!!!!!!!