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Efficiency contest Answered

Disclaimer: I may be biased, since I have an entry in the running.

I am very confused as to why the current leaders of the efficiency contest are in the contest at all, nevermind winning.

One is not instructions for making anything. It just says "watch less TV". It may be good advice, but it is not a DIY project.
One is a recipe for bread. It may be wonderful and delicious bread, but it has nothing to do with being green.
One is about making a suit out of a sleeping bag. I suppose this would allow you to turn down the heat, but that is a bit of a stretch, (besides, so would a sweater - and the instructable doesn't say anything about this being the reasoning).

I don't mean to disrespect these fine instructables, I am just saying they are totally irrelevant to this specific contest.

But not only are they in the contest, they have been in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place since voting opened 2 days ago.
Who is voting for these entries, and why?


The sleeping bag is an extremely good example of a green project. He recycled an old sleeping bag to make something new and better, instead of buying the commercial version.

That's all very well and good, I defiantly believe in reuse instead of waste, but the contest is about efficiency and energy use, not all things green.

Reusing things is being efficient. You have to realize that instructables historically takes very broad interpretations of their contests.

I just saw that it's specifically energy savings, so you may be right. Either way, you need not worry, they sort through instructables and kick out any that don't qualify before the end.

I'm not worried. Just confused. I only entered because my friend insisted. I just got a new computer, so I don't especially care to win anyway. I am here so the ideas get exposure. I just found it very odd that out of 184 entries, some quite brilliant and relevant (a lot more than my own, I dare say!), that these 3 have held the top 3 spots for 3 days.

It's just down to votes, which is people pressing buttons.


The contest is for ibles that have a green "twist", like using recycled components or saving a bit of energy - doesn't have to be the theme of the ible.

Don't worry about it. First, you can never be sure the "sort by" algorithm isworking. Second, lot's of people cheat, they inevitably get caught. Third, I didn't read the rules, but votes probably aren't the deciding factor.

How is making your own bread not going green? -It reduces the amount of plastic bags used up by commercial breadmaking. -It lessens the amount of bread produced in factories, which use diesel trucks to ship it to you. etc.etc.etc.

unless you grow your own wheat, and then grind your own flour, you are still have materials made and shipped from elsewhere. Ok, granted, its relatively less shipping, but by that argument every DIY project is about efficiency