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Efficient/High output Joule Thief? Answered

Right now, I am looking for schematics for the most efficient (1 cell and 1 LED) joule thief, to use as a durable reading light. I right now favour Quantstuff's 2 transistor SJT (http://quantsuff.com/LED2.htm) but I am not sure whether it is the most efficient. I've seen several others, but since they all claim to be equally as efficient, i'll have to rely on the experience of other tinkerers and hobbyists. So: what's the most efficient or high current or high voltage joule thief you know of?                       



The worlds most efficient Jt is owned by me gadget . Mine will produce in excess of 6000lumens of leds from a 1.2 volt battery for 24 hours . i have a contract with the Big players this year {2013} and my system will hit the commercial market before Christmas.
Sorry the circuit is not public and will be available for purchase for lighting parking lots and ships .

 I've used several of the designs there and I've found them very useful.

He knows his science but you'll need to stick to the parts he uses. I can get help from him if I get into trouble too.

What other sites have you been to?

Well, the first working joule thief I built was from http://joulethief.com/kit.php, and then I went back and managed to make a joule thief like the one from  http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/joulethief. (It was the first one I tried to make, but it wouldn't work the first time around.) Apart from those 2 and quantstuff's pages, I've also seen one from http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_C8pRzPFjXYk/SW5ynVhrQJI/AAAAAAAAATg/T2gi3MclORU/s1600-h/Experimental-JT-1.gif but I've yet to make one.

Yeah, I'm Watson and that was the pic in my blog before it got removed. It's twice as efficient as a conventional JT.  Here's my current blog on the same circuit.  The conventional JT with a 1N5817 Schottky diode and 47uF capacitor between the JT and the LED is more efficient than the conventional JT without the diode and cap, but the higher rectified LED current means more power is wasted in the rectifier diode.  My Supercharged JT doesn't waste that power.