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Egg Incubator I wish to build a simple 12 volt circuit for a small incubator Answered


12V PSU : mechanical Thermostat: 12V lightbulb. and return. Job done.

Look at these, especially the first one.

If not one of these then google "diy variable power supply".

If it's a one off the airing cupboard will work - Keep an eye on them.

How many eggs.

I built an incubator for 3 eggs in a small wooden box and a 25 watt bulb.  I propped the lid open differing amounts until I got the temp right and about 30 days later I had 3 chicks.

I guess you could do the same with several 12 volt light bulbs and a variable power supply.

Thank you for your answer. I am looking for a circuit to build a variable power supply for a chicken incubator to hatch two dozen eggs.