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Egg Rolling Answered

Hey ppl, I am curently a helping Cubs leader and next friday we will be having an 'egg rolling' competition. This basically entails rolling a painted egg down a hill, the furthest egg that doesn't get broken wins! The leaders have also been invited to bring eggs aswel so, i need a way to make the ultimate egg. Does anyone know how to do this, should i varnish it or somthing? Thanks ppl, happy easter


Put the egg in a ball mold, and encase it in epoxy.

Buy a wooden egg and paint it?

Buy a mineral egg and paint it? (A common decorative item in UK crystal shops is an onyx egg).

Blow an egg and fill it with resin, epoxy or hot-glue?

Toy shops sell rubber eggs - they look exactly like chicken eggs.

Install your egg in the middle of a wheel of some kind, say like Bre Pettis does here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADBTHpk0L8g

Ostrich egg?