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Egg project ideas? Answered

Hey guys my sister has asked me for some help with a project.

She has to have a egg travel 3 meters using wind power. The vehicle has to be small and have 4 wheels. and made of recyclable material.

When i heard of this project i immediately thought of instructables.
I was thinking of a Styrofoam base with the 4 wheels, a sail with a recycled pc fan, maybe go over the top and make the fan run off a small solar panel? i think i can get one from radioshack.


You could also get a battery and forget the solar panel, it wouldn't make the fan go fast enough. Sounds good overall! If you do make it post an instructable!

It has to run on wind power - forget the solar cells, forget the batteries.

Some thoughts in no particular order:

Styrofoam is often not recyclable.

Note that the rules say "recyclable", not "recycled", so you can use new materials if they can later be recycled.

You want lightness and low rolling friction - old CDs make good wheels.

Define "small".

Look at toy (RC) yachts - think about using the sails on one of those. Maybe even mount an RC yacht on CD wheels. Drill through the hull to fit the axles, fill the holes later.

I think maybe you're over-thinking this... what about a "sailboat" on wheels? It would be the easiest to construct, and less points for failure. Old CDs or CD blanks would also make excellent wheels for this project, very little resistance and big enough to rotate smoothly.