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Eggshell Speakers Answered

Thee eggshell speakers are lovely to look at even if the sound is "narrow" according to the maker.




9 years ago

This is a cool idea! I have been saving some small speakers from my salvaged Toshiba laptop. I will give your idea a try


9 years ago

Very Cool! (What's the white stuff in the corner)

Look like miniature birds, possibly leftover material from the stands. L

They look like Peeps!

oh.. ok, cool (and an egg)

great idea!!
I can use ostrich eggs for larger speakers? ;)

That's cool. I wonder if they'll ever go bad...does shell attract bacteria and all that nonsense? I'd also like to know how he cut it. I know from experience that drilling holes in an egg is a tedious, and easy to crack process.

I use my dremel for cutting and drilling, I found that by doing high speed drilling does not crack the egg shell. But the problem is the egg shell dust stinks like hell!

not cleaned & untreated shell would certainly start to smell badly a short time after the contents were removed....but if done properly (and there are plenty of crafters that can work with egg shells), it should last until one drops them on the concrete floor ;-)