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Either fix, or buy new one? Answered

Just a regular question or help passing by.
So i have this set of wireless headphones, for two years or so. ( Philips shc8535/10 )
and few months ago, one side of the heaphones stoped working. i jus thear some rambling, and screatching noises.
I took them apart (Warranty is obviuosly gone), and found out that the Auxillary plug ( IN ) has it's contacts bent. You could probbably tell by the pictures i'll attach somehow.

Sadly, the part doesn't have any index number on it or anything, so i can't just order it 1-2-3. 
Question is, can i fix it? i mean, i can't easily take it apart, it's plastic, and it's probbably molded in it ( the contacts), i've tried bending them, but all i get is either more or less rambling noise.

And other part of the question - order it online, is that possible?



Best Answer 5 years ago

This is a very common PCB mounted 3mm (1/8 inch) stereo socket - You should be easily able to get on on line.

If your in the Uk www.rapidonline.com


Answer 5 years ago

Just ordered one. I just couldn't find the name of the socket. Thank you!