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El Wire AC inverter Answered

El wire is cool and all but all the circuits that come with them are so half assed made it isn't funny. I have yet to get a circuit that is up to spec's that even closely adheres to any of the soldering tips and ticks, good soldering joints, anything. crap crap.  i have the components but the board is whack. how do you go about making a AC inverter for Elwire?


Does your EL wire light up connected to the board? If yes, the board is up to specs. If you don't like the sloppy construction, desolder and upgrade all components. Maybe even copy the circuit board - probably not a double-sided or multi-layer job. Find the power requirements or measure what is coming out to search for a suitable power supply to build. Good luck.

thanks for your reply. it did. the power portion broke off and upon opening it i was then i discovered the problems.

copying the circuit board sounds easy but looks rather hard. a bit of confusion when things go 4 different ways then back to one. do you have any hints as to the best way to tackle this?

So far the best inverters I have found have their own cooling fan and have a similar makeup to a computer case. They are pretty rugged and seem to be much better constructed than the battery inverters. Something like the link below.