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Electric Gramophone? Answered

I've just had an idea for making an mp3 player disguised as an old gramophone, to be used as a set piece/source of music for busking. Problem is, I can't figure out how to pull off some of the details of making it... Heres the idea as it stands: Have an old gramophone that appears to be playing music from a record, but is actually playing music from an Mp3 player. I figure you could interrupt the signal from the needle to the amplifier without to much trouble, as you'd still need the needle there to make it move along the record as it 'plays'. It also shouldn't be too hard to hide a speaker in the trumpet or even embed it into the side of the gramophone. In an ideal world, it would also be great to have some general controls on the back, to select play lists and the like, and that's probably achievable my attaching it to a standard mp3 player. The tricky bit is that I want to get it to play when the needle is placed on the record, and stop when the record finishes, ultimately with a digital replica of the scratch sound that you get at the end of an old record. Does anyone have any ideas on how to go about this part? because I'm absolutely stumped... is it possible that the answer lies somewhere in using the movement of the needle-arm to complete a circuit while in certain positions? Any thoughts, help, ideas or suggestions would be appreciated :) .


. Attach a limit switch near the pivot of the arm. Lower arm, switch makes; raise arm, switch breaks.

Thankyou :) . Now I just need to figure out exactly what a limit-switch is and where to get one! (shouldn't be to hard :P) Also, any thoughts on getting a 'scratch' effect when the record ends? I guess if I somehow triggered the sound when the limit-switch went off... which would probably have to be stored on a separate circuit/device to the rest of the music... The final thing I'm trying to figure out is how to electronically trigger the mp3 player to start and pause. Thank you for your advice, NachoMamma. :)

. Just a simple switch usually used to sense when something is (not) there. Usually require a very low actuation force. Come in many form, but something like this (although not necessarily that particular one) will work well.

I think I just answered one of my own conundrums (run the the scratch on a separate device linked to the circuit). Yay! P.S. Sorry, misspelled your name, (NachoMahma).