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Electric Instrument Answered

So I am a big fan of music, making and listening to. i like to make instrument also because i like the though of making something pleasing to the ear with my bare hands. I also am interested with electronics. So in conclusion i thought i would make a thread were you can post you ideas and answer questions about audio based technology


Would it have to be electric? You can learn manualism and play music with your hands:

. Replace the microphone of a parabolic mic with a speaker and I think you will get better "focusing" than using a pipe. Maybe not, but worth looking into.

Here's a question for you : ) There are some people that like huge amounts of bass in their cars-enough that it gives me a headache from inside my house as they slowly drive by or park nearby. Is there a way to create and focus a tweeter so that I can aim it at them and squeal away-hopefully being just as annoying but to fewer people? I was wondering if a tube would work as a wave guide but I'm not sure about what to make it out of (hopefully small and light enough for hand-held use) or what high-frequency speaker to use.

. The core from a roll of paper towels works quite well. The smoother and harder the inside surface, the better, so a piece of PVC pipe should work a little better.

Do I need to worry about the diameter (or length) to wavelength ratio? And any clue about how much power to try for?

. I'm sure there is some optimum size/shape/ratio, but I don't think it will be that important in your application, especially if you don't use a single frequency. . High audio frequencies are much more efficient than the bass, so 10W, with a reasonably efficient driver, should be pretty annoying to someone standing 10-15 feet away. To affect someone in a car, 30 feet away, with their stereo up loud, will probably need around 1000W. The higher the freq, the harder it will be to penetrate the glass of the vehicle. . I think I read somewhere that warbles and swept tones are more annoying than a steady one. May have been a dream. :) . Be very careful with the thing; just a few watts, at close distance, can damage hearing. Something pushing 1000W could probably deafen someone at >30 feet.

then you should publish it, call it like biganoyingbass-be-gone

a theremin (go airguitaring!) mellophone synthesizer