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Electric Lady - High Frequency Power Supply? Answered

I saw an electric lady in a travelling sideshow. The type where she throws sparks from the hands, makes paper  burst into flames and causes bulbs to light by holding them. I'm assuming they are using a high frequency power supply (very low amps), and I was wondering if anyone has built one and if there are any good schematics on line?


it's probably high frequency, i'm in the process of procrastination of a Tesla essay and i've been reading a lot on what he found out. he found out that the resistance of certain bodies diminished when the frequency was increased to pretty high amounts, that and also the skin effect but everyone knows about that now.

still, i wouldn't do this without an extreme amount of research and possibly tutelage under someone who actually has done it. just seems like that would be the most practical way to do it: be adventurous go find that woman and ask for an internship!

Don't do it. You will die. The people on those shows are performing an illusion! It is almost never real! If they are they are a medical oddity. This is dangerous to attempt and if you try it you will get seriously hurt or killed.

nope, you'll be fine, assuming u follow some guidlines:

1)she is standing/sitting on a tesla coil.
2)while on said tesla coil, never jump off. So you need someone else to operate the tesla coil and to safely ground everything (including yourself when everything is off)
3)wear metal gloves
4) Make sure your metal gloves are the highest thing in the air (at least one hand), NOT YOUR HEAD

now I've never done it, and ive only built a small tesla coil before, and it is inheritenly very dangerous, so be careful and i dont recommend it. I DONT RECOMMEND IT HINT HINT

Possibly it was a very low wound telsa coil, but there were no visible safety procedures. Audience members could join hands and have a charge put through them to light a bulb. I don't think it was van der graaf generator.   

Sort of like this :http://www.voltini.com/id46.htm

My tech ed teacher did something like that, he had a hand-crank generator and he could use a string of kids as wires and lit up a lightbulb.

Oh, I thought he was meaning one of those actors like the guy in Ripleys Believe it or not, that streams lots of electricity through his body.