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Electric Motors 1/6 - 1/2 hp Super Cheap! Answered

Hey Instructable Community!

I've fallen into a consistent supply of used electric motors and I'd love to offer them to the people in this community. I was going to start selling them on Ebay but I like you all much more than those randoms and I'm even willing to offer them to you for a lower price because this site has literally changed my life. Not to mention, I be you'll have a much more creative use for an electric motor.

Details and Disclosures:

These motors are used and are coming out of Air Conditioning Units that a buddy of mine scraps. (He installs units and takes the old ones) He was junking the motors for mixed metal scrap prices and I figured I knew some people that might value them.

I have some 115v motors and many more 220v motors.

These motors range from 1/6hp to 1/2hp.

I test the 115v motors but don't have a current setup for testing the 220v motors. That said, they were working when the units were replaced.

I am very flexible on price. Motors range from $25 - $60. (Plus shipping)  I'll go even cheaper if you want a few.

After receiving payment I can usually ship within a few days. I'd also be willing to meet up if you are in the general Philly area!

This is a great opportunity to power your next AMAZING Instructable. I promise to do honest business lest the Instructables staff delete my account. (I've got about 2 years of pro that I'm not willing to give up)

I hope to hear from you all soon!!!



2 years ago

Gear motors ?


2 years ago

nice repurposing.