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Electrical requirements of a DVD drive motor? Answered

I've just ripped up an old DVD drive to re-use the motors in a basic BEAM/Solarbot. Its clearly marked with the polarity but I'm unsure of its electrical needs - will I need to use a certain spec'd solar panel/capacitor to supply its power needs? Or will it simply work with whatever I supply it (lower torque/power aside)?

I'm short on electrical know how and looking to build both theory and practical knowledge tinkering around. I've seen a number of kits that have solar cells that supply 4.5V / 18mA - but assume this would be more applicable to how fast the capacitor is charged.


Yep, that's a tray motor designed to run at 12V, but I've had that type running down to 2V or so.   Don't expect a lot of power at that voltage though.
If you're using a Miller engine type circuit the solar cell charges the capacitor and then releases the power to the motor as it reaches a threshold voltage so there is more current available for a short period.

Try it. It certainly looks like a standard motor - its the tray motor. I'd guess at 12V operation, but it  should work on a lower voltage fine.