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Electricity generated from speed breakers Answered

Hey >
Well is dere any1 who can help me out ???
I need some suggestions on how to build a prototype of a speed breaker that can be used to generate electricity >>>>>
I just want to show how the concept works like >>>>
the few links below shows the concept :


it would be of gr8 help >>> if ny1 cld help me out in this matter >>>>  


You could use this to power an illuminated "Beware of the Ramp!" sign.

(Do not throw stones at this notice! #;¬)

. Great idea* for powering temporary traffic lights at construction sites, but, as Re-design points out, the energy is not free.
. Leet-speak (or whatever that is) tends to confuse ppl and will lower the chance of getting good answers.

*As rickharris said, it should be rather obvious how it's done. If you can't figure out the major components, you don't need to be working on something that powerful - it can kill you.

Any electricity you gain will be by "stealing" some power/energy/fuel" from the drivers. Unless you put it in front of a stop sign or a point where the cars are naturally stopping already. In that case you would actually saving their break systems some effort.

You don't need to post in multiple places. Pick one and stick with it.

You should also actually view what you're posting, just in case it already answers your question.

As Rick said, if you actually write in English you may get productive responses from people with actual expertise. That means letters, not numbers. That means actual punctuation (did you know that sentences end with "periods" (the little dot), not with lines of greater-than symbols). That means proper grammar.

1. The video looks fairly self explanatory

2. you will get a better reaction if you write your question in plain regular English.