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Electricity generation through turbo jet aero engines? Answered

i have few turbojet aero engines, which are not use able on aircraft now. i want to use it for electricity generation for domestic purpose. if some one can advise me on this issue. cost effectiveness may not be considered.?


Aux Power Units have a gear reduction transmission/drive system that turns a generator at the correct RPM. I would postulate that the same would be true for your application. Propellers cannot spin at the RPM of turbines (turbines turn between 20K and 60K RPMs!). If you can get ahold of the reduction drive for the propellers, that can turn a shaft that has a further chain or belt reduction drive to turn a generator. Just a suggestion, FWIW. PLEASE, REMEMBER TO BE SAFE.

The military use APUs powered by small gas turbines, but the ones I've seen are coupled by fans to the exhaust stream.

Use the inflow/exhaust airflow to drive additional turbines/fans to drive generators? (I don't know much about jets, but what little I do know suggests that making a mechanical connection isn't going to be effective.)

As you requested, I'm ignoring efficiency and safety and other practicality concerns.