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Electricity over IP Answered

This is not really a new concept (first published in 2002), but one to mull over :-)

Electricity over IP (EoIP, pronounced "yoyp") is a proposed scheme for delivering electric power via IP (Internet protocol). EoIP was developed to eliminate the unnecessary redundancy inherent in maintaining separate distribution networks for electricity and the Internet. The technology could be especially beneficial in remote areas with Internet kiosks but without electricity.

The architecture for delivering EoIP is known as MPLampS (Mostly Pointless Lamp Switching). Electricity is digitized and encapsulated in discrete packets. According to the IETF's marketing segment, "MPLampS has the potential to dramatically lower the price, ease the distribution and usage, and improve the manageability of delivering electricity."

Electricity over IP

The IETF Network Working Group described EoIP in RFC 3251, published on April 1, 2002. April 1 is also sometimes known as "April Fools' Day."


So at the end of the cable the electrons dive off the edge, parachute to the ground, bury their chutes and set out in search of drinking water. Bear Grylls would be proud.

lol, why not send power through the sewers like TiSP?

Fantastic ! Could be a little rough of someone sitting too long though ;-)

LOL reminds me of the Dilbert comic where he tells his boss the reason his computer wasn't working was because he disconnected the cable from the back and the token ring had fallen out....so he had the boss on the floor looking for it LOL

Oops, am I dating myself again ? :-)