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Electro magnetic Gloves Answered

So, we've seen magnetic gloves..but we don't always want the magnets. So, instead of taking off the glove, why not make an electro magnetic glove? Do you guys like the idea? Should I pursue it? Make an instructable on it?


please yes

yeah but hurry up on it

i have been looking for this i want one with a powerful magnet.

No one has an opinion? What an oddity here...

well, the reason i have searched this is because i have tried to think of an idea such as this. i think it would be a great idea. Why? you may ask. well of course there is the playable idea of having a "superpower". why not make a gun that ejects magnetivity to "defy" gravity through magnetivity then do whatever you want. Harmless, useful, and fun. but anyways, back to the glove. there is the engineering aspect of it. pick up nails and screws on command. why not? the only negatives are that if you are looking at it for engineering most of the materials are metal and will attach to the other materials. it could have dangers to the user and would probably have to be rather heavy and unbearable for the user on larger levels of magnetivity. I think the "cure" for #1 is to just keep the gloves away from the rest of the construction. the answer for #2 i think you should listen to NachoMahma. and for #3, either dont use it for bigger items, or if you just cant stand not to, make a pouch kind of idea for holding of a larger battery with a larger voltage.

The pro would be you could turn of the magnet, but the con would be that you'd need a pretty heavy setup to be able to pick up anything worth while. I can't imagine it being too useful.

. I'm still trying to figure out what a mag glove is used for.

. OIC. Can't say that I've ever thought to myself "Gee, a mag glove sure would be handy right now," but I can see where they could be useful to others.
. Seems to me that a mag glove would collect a lot of ferrous "lint" and being able to turn the magnets off would allow one to easily knock the stuff off.
. The collapsing field will produce a voltage spike in the coil when you turn it off, a la a car's ignition coil. If you use transistors for the switching, you'll probably need to provide some protection, eg, clamping diodes.

no no, electromagnetic gloves are for give superpowerless people super powers. Seriously you could use the force!!