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Electromagnet battery options? Answered

I am trying to power two dc electromagnets, the specs are:

5.5 lbs of lifting force

12vdc, 3 watts continuous duty

what are my options for a battery power source? 

Im having trouble figuring this out since i'm new to all of this. Any help would be great thanks!


Thanks thats a good idea, could I use a 12v li-ion cordless drill battery?

(since i already have one)


4 years ago

SLA batteries are expensive compared to the much lighter and smaller RC lithium ion batteries. that is if you are buying online. Many of those li-ion/lipo batteries will have high capacities and can really deliver a lot of current (some over 100A!). Just make sure to treat them carefully, and use a proper charger.


Use a 12V deep cycle SLA. What more do you need?