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Electromagnetic pulse generator plans? Answered

Does anybody know where I can find plans for an electromagnetic pulse generator?


An EMP weapon requires explosives. I don't have a schematic, but the structure is co-axial: The core is a bar of hi-ex, say a metre long and 3cm diameter. Around this is a copper coil (uninsulated wire). The outer layer is an aluminium tube. construction ensures that the coil and the aluminium tube do not touch. Before detonation, there is already a current flowing through the coil, so there is already a reasonable magnetic field. The hi-ex is triggered at one end, so that the explosion travels down the device from one end to the other. The next few steps happen with a couple of milliseconds: As the explosion's wave-front expands, it pushes the coil into contact with the outer tube. This shorts out the coil, one turn at a time. As the explosion travels down the device, the magnetic field is rapidly "compressed" into fewer and fewer turns of the coil, until it eventually "bursts" out of the last few turns in a massively-amplified pulse. The pulse exits the device at light-speed, with enough energy to frag any unshielded electronics with a half-mile or so. Very shortly after, the explosion continues out of the device with all its usual force. UK security services went through a period of fear about these things - set one off in the back of a van in London, and billions of pounds of cash and shares would simply cease to exist, along with the collateral physical damage done by the actual explosion. Fortunately (?), it turns out that the engineering tolerances required to produce one make it hideously expensive (for non-national-military organisations), so it's far more likely that terrorists would use "ordinary" suicide bombers to cause damage, and hackers to wreck the computer systems.

i want to ude it to run experiments in EM pulse shielding

For starters you have to define how big you want it to be. Your answer will show how sane you are. FYI the police were trying this out a few years ago I remember.When chasing a criminal (car chase) they would shoot a RC car really fast underneith the criminals car then set off the EMP bomb that was ontop of the RC car. The pulse blows up most cars computer controlled electronic ignitions. Why not ask the police if they have any extra ones.

I went to ask them, but they had no idea what i was talking about (I live in a TINY town where nothing like that ever happens.) besides, i want to learn how to build one.

OK I was joking. I didn't think you would actually go and ask the police for an illegal device. LasVegas says (what I was talking about) are "little more than a super stun gun" it depends what you call an EMP pulse. If the super stun gun is not in contact with the wiring and it blows the on board computer what do you call it?Thats my definition of an EMP.

As I said, those devices that were demonstrated on some "Future Tech" show, were not EM pulse generators. They were little more than a super-stun-gun intended to blow the car's fuses. You could probably build something like that by charging a number of large capacitors and setting it up with a couple of trip wires to make contact with the target vehicle. If you were to build your own capacitors with aluminum, paper and oil, you could hold quite a large charge in a fairly small space.

An EM Pulse Generator would be too much large to fit under a car. What you're referring to was a HV static discharge (much like a stun gun) that was intended to blow the computer controls of the car.

There is a more powerful EMP devices, however they require explosives.

For you... have a look here

They don't tell you how it is made, but i can think the device is like this

<<<<<<DANGER>>>>> <<<<HIGH VOLTAGE>>>>

Power (AC) > switch > rectifier > LEET step up transformer :) (like a stun gun... but more) > a high power diode > crapload of capacitors with the correct voltage > arming switch > fire > long long cable > to a excessively wound coil of high (in diameter) wires.

Don't worry about my little plan, it is not mobile at all... and if it is made... it would be pretty big... too big to hide from other cops :)

But it is just enough for you to test your idea out.

I didn't mention any safety, so its your fault if you get hurt :)
I am not liable for any damage or loss of life in trying my idea out.

Hope it helps

I'm assuming you're not looking for a simple EM Pulse. You get one anytime an Electromagnet is energized. You're looking for one large enough to do damage to computers and electronic devices in the vicinity. Correct? While I could theorize having past experience with a magnetizer that created those monster magnets in 12" hard drives, I think it would be irresponsible to help anyone design such a weapon.

Yes, that is exactly what im looking for, but i dont want to use it for my own benefit, just to experiment. any help is appreciated!

you might look into 'coin shrinking' for ideas. they specialize in powerful fields of short duration which is what i assume you would need. any clue what kind of flux density you need to generate a significant current on a small circut or are you worried about shielding longer cables?