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Electronic Educational Kit? Answered


I am a 14 years old guy who've just stepped into the world of electronics. I need to buy a good learning kit in which I can make several projects and at the same time can learn. Are there any of those? Or can you list the items needed to start learning electronics? 




Refer back to the answers to your last question, then think about what you want to learn.

As rickharris points out, many kits are expensive, but you could do worse than recycling electronic scrap - have a look into BEAM electronics.

There's a good book you can either buy new or find second hand online.

You could also look at Robot Builder's Bonanza, which has projects for a wide skill-range and budget, and is often quite cheap.

Search Amazon and you will see that there are a large number of kits available but all seem quite expensive.

I would suggest - Get a good book(s) with some sample circuits in and buy components and a bread board to build on. This way you build up a kit yourself at a fraction of the commercial cost.

Breadboarding looks complex at the start but you soon get used to using it. Almost every electronics designer uses it at some time.

Jack, try searching for "learning electronics"around here, there are a BUNCH of suitable answers and avenues to explore.