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Electronic Engineering Project? Answered

I am Student of Bachelor in Electronic Engineering in Final year starting, I want to select my Final Year Project and I have my passion in Robotics, can anyone please suggest me a great project.


Make something like a biofeedback prosthetic hand.


PLEASE PLEASE get into the idea you should as a graduate be able to identify and select your own project.

Something that responds to an existing problem

Something in an area you like

Something that covers skills and abilities you have or believe honestly you can attain.

No way can someone else pick your project for you (unless your tutor does so as part of the course.)


3 years ago

I am a Czech we coined this ROBOT word.

Now ... you publicly want an engineering robot challenge.

I challenge you to make a Robot that can assemble a second Robot and the second then can assemble a third Robot.

Do you Accept or Decline ???

It's your PASSION, and you can't think of ideas ?