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Electronic Geocache. Rasie/ lower in/out of ground using switch. Any help or schematics will be greatly appreciated! Answered

I am wanting to create an electronic geocache that will raise and lower in/out of the ground. I believe I will need a DPDT switch ( which I will mount on a tree and run wiring underground to geocache ) to control the motor that will raise and lower the container. But I am wanting the motor to stop running once the container has ascended or descended completely. I'm not sure if I should use a timer or another componet to control the motor. Also my electronic knowledge is very limited and any help in this project would be greatly appreciated.

I should have put this at the top, but this will help for those who don't know what a geocahe is :
Geocaching is an outdoor sporting activity in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches" or "caches", anywhere in the world.

Geocache will be a cylindrical tube. 4 inch in diameter and 14 inch tall with a weight of about 2lbs. Please post a message and I will gladly give any additional details.

Thanks in advance!


Here's the circuit you need.

Replace the "digital timer" with your SPDT switch

One microswitch is hit by the lift when the motor goes all one way, one switch when it goes the other.

Hen door relays.jpg

Actually, you can eliminate the bottom left relay with the switch. Take the wires from the microswitches to the NO and NC of the switch, and the common to ground

There is one very big problem with your idea. It is against Geocaching rules to bury a cache. If you have to dig into the ground to place the cache then its not allowed. Any destruction of property of any sort isn't allowed. While this would be a great cache to find i won't make it past the reviewers at Geocaching.com. But you might be able to publish it at Opencaching.

The only exception that might be made is if this will be on your own property. Even then i've seen buried caches get denied. Check with your local reviewer before placing the cache.

ALright, lower it out of a tree... Same circuit, only wired backwards ;-)

I really appreciate that you posted a diagram for wiring this. Again my knowledge is very limited. I'm sure I could get all my parts at Radioshack but is there anyway you could further explain the wiring diagram to me? I would really appreciate it. I hate to sound like an absolute noob but that's me after all.
Thanks again!

The relays will make the motor go one way or the other, when you move the SPDT switch. The microswitches turn OFF the "up" relay or the "down" relay, when the motor has pushed the load until it hits these microswitches. One microswitch is pushed in the "up" direction, one in the "down" direction.


Didn't even think about that. I do appreciate the comment before I go trying to submit it. Guess I get to hollow out a log and have it rise from there. That wouldn't be considered buried would it? God knows I've found dozens in stumps and logs lol. Thanks again!

To get around the rules, I would argue that the item being hunted is the non-buried switch.

The buried section is revealed after the geocacher finds the switch.

Then it can be seen as a multi cache but still no part of the cache can be buried. Now if you create a fake rock and have it rise out of or open from the side of the rock that would be pretty cool as well.