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Electronic Kits Where To Buy Them? Answered

Hi I am looking for "electronic kits". For instance the kit would come with all the necasary comonents to make something but I just have to assemble it kinda like these below
Electric Guitar Kit
Theremin Kit
Effects Pedal Kits
MAKE Magazine kit section this is the most exstensive collection of kits I could find
Thanks for all your help yall!


Digikey, Electronic goldmine?

I personally use some of the Maplin kits. They are a bit pricy but there is a large range to choose from (I think)

Maplin KitsMaplin Kits


9 years ago

I feel your pain. The only 2 real choices I see are bidding on a Heathkit on EBay or making something from scratch. There is alot of good stuff on this site for making circuit boards from scratch. You could use the same techniques to make a silkscreen -like panel. Parts can be had at Jameco.com or Mouser.com and electronics goldmine to name a few. I am looking into getting a subscription to Nuts and Volts magazine. It looks to be the latest incarnation of the now defunct Radio-Electronics/ Popular Electronics.

Thanks anyone got any other links?

Thanks great links! In regards to the ardurino, I am more old style electonics not the newer circuit boards and such, in other words im a vetaran noob with stuff like that.


9 years ago

These days, it depends a lot on what sort of thing you want to build; there doesn't seem to be an equivalent of "heathkit" that sells high-quality kits that make high quality consumer products when finished. Instead, you have a bunch of vendors of "gadget" kits of somewhat variable quality. Here are some of the places I've bought things from:

A awful lot of "electronic" projects these days involve a microcontroller (in fact, one of the things that led me to a software career was realizing that all the gadgets I had built could have been programmed on a general purpose computer instead...) So you can also look at "components" aimed at beginning microcontoller user: Arduino, Basic Stamp, etc...